Sunday, February 5, 2012

These are the skecthes I've done so far for my final project idea. I started out with the idea of a large circle of stones or twigs/branches, which would encircle the word 'time' (which would be worn into the ground or made with small sloping piles of dirt). Off of the circle, the four points of the compass would extend, ending in small cairns.

Then, I started thinking about the idea of the compass, and whether or not time would relate at all. So, I revised my idea, and decided to get rid of the word time and replace it with imprints of feet on the inside of the circle at the point where the lines of the compass would extend, and possibly in the middle.

Then, I wonder if the circle would be need at all, and if the feet in the middle were necessary. I also began to wonder if I wanted to leave the imprints bare, or fill them with something, or even use some sort of natural material to coat the bottoms of my feet to leave the impression of the footprints.

So, as I was contemplating my ideas thus far, I thought it may be interesting to use my body as directional arrows, too (SE, SW, NE, NW). For this, I would cover my entire body in mud or ashes and lay on the ground in the middle of a circle, which would be created by walking (wearing the circle into the ground). The cairns would still be used as the North, South, East and West markers, but my arms and legs would signify SE, SW, NE and NW.

Upon further contemplation and discussion with classmates and friends, I decided that my body alone would be sufficient enough for the directional arrows. So, instead of the cairns representing N, S, E and W, with my appendages representing NE, NW, SE and SW, my appendages will now just represent N, S, E and W. The cairns will not be included.


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  1. These are great ... they tell the story of your processs - a learning experience that allowed the piece to grow and mature ...